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It Came from Bloggy Creek...

Well...I guess I'll do this blog thing.

What do you want to know? I'll tell you everything.

Does it need to be true?



So this is what I'm doing. Basically, everything. Do you think you can write a book? Got a good story percolating in the brain? Wanna get it out? Good. Do it. Write every day. Do NanoWrimo (Don't. But that's a different blog post.) Get it written.

Then the hard, terrible work begins.

You edit it. Fix all the dumb stuff you did, you doubt the fixes, then you fix those. This part takes a long time. You'll sincerely doubt your sanity, but then it will be done.

You'll proofread, you'll clean it up. You'll maybe share it.

Then you do 800 more jobs maybe you know how to do, maybe you don't. Formatter, Publisher, Project Manager, Marketing, Social Media, CEO, CFO, Salesperson. The list goes on and on.

It's exhausting and you swear you don't know how you do it, but still you do it.

You get it done.

Do you take a break? Maybe watch some movies? Read something from the unmanageable stack of books that is your To-Be-Read pile?

No. You move on. That next story is there, tickling and poking and bothering you; worrying its way out of your brain and demanding a life of its own, on the page.

And you're happy, because how could you do anything else.

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